If you feel sleepy try these things to get over it



Web desk: sometimes due to hard or tough schedule we can get enough sleep and feel sleepy for the whole day. Due to laziness you cannot concentrate on your work as well.we have some tricks to get over this.

Don’t use energy drinks:

Energy drinks give you instant energy and then you will lose your energy after sometime.

Hot and cold water bath:

Taking bath will give you fresh look. Just washing your face with cold water is also enough.

 Ice-cream breakfast:

Having cold ice-cream will help your brain to wake up.

Morning exercise:

No need of proper exercise but just 3-4 simple exercises are enough to boost you up.

Fresh air:


Just open up your window and breathe in a fresh air keep you fresh.

Use less white sugar:

Sugar contains carbohydrates which give you instant freshness but will cause you to feel tired for whole day if you want something sweet use healthy fruit.

Use more light:

In dark room you will feel sleep.

Use strong scents:   


Citrus and coniferous aromas, clove, cinnamon, and ginger have energizing properties.


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Laughing will energizes you. Funny videos will help you to laugh.

Change socks:

This trick is little strange but it will work. Just try this!

Source:  brightside