I wasn’t physically tortured in Pakistan, assures Kalbhoshan Jadhav


Islamabad: Agent of The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and terrorist Kalbhushan Jadhav in a latest video statement on Thursday exposed Indian lies and assured that he was not physically tortured in Pakistan, Aaj News reported.

According to the video statement released by Foreign Office, Kalbushan said, “I am very thankful to Pakistan for arranging meeting with my family”.

The RAW agent said he told his mother and wife that he was not physically tortured. His mother expressed satisfaction over his physical health.

The spy further added that he wanted to tell Indian people that he is a commissioned officer of Indian Navy, but do not know why these people (Indian government) denying my service for my Intelligence Agency.

Moreover he said, “Indian Embassy shouted and threatened my mother after my meeting, It seemed as they would hit my mother, I saw fear in the eyes of my mother and wife”