General election to be referendum for new Pakistan, says Nawaz


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JARANWALA/FAISALABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif Saturday said that general elections this year would prove to be a referendum and people would once again repose full confidence in the continuity of progressive and pro-people policies of Pakistan Muslim League-N government.

Addressing a gathering at Jinnah Stadium here, Sharif said the people of Jaranwala and Faisalabad had endorsed the PML-N policies of eliminating load-shedding, terrorism and putting the country on the path of progress and prosperity.

The former prime minister enthralled the participants by comparing the gathering with that of anti government rally in Lahore recently. “There was no parallel between the meeting of PML-N and other political parties.”

He said the huge participation of people in the PML-N meetings was the dawn of a new prosperous and fully developed Pakistan.

He said millions of people voted him to power but he was disqualified afterwards. “My fault was that I had not received salary from my son and hence I was disqualified and asked to vacate the prime minister’s house.”

While referring to his G.T Road rally soon after the Supreme Court verdict against him, Sharif said the journey between Islamabad to Lahore needed just four hours, but he covered the distance in four days.

He said he was surprised by the enthusiasm of people on GT Road and the same enthusiasm was evident in today’s gathering.

He said elections would be a referendum for a new Pakistan where every person would get a respectable job and load-shedding would vanish forever.

Sharif said he had a solemn pledge with the people to end load-shedding in his five-year tenure but he was disqualified after four years. “Despite that, I am proud of fulfilling my promise and pledge.”

Similarly, the promise to link Jaranwala with the motorway had also been fulfilled, he added.

Sharfi said he would visit Jaranwala again during election days as he had deep love for the people of Jaranwala and Faisalabad.