Five ways to get rid of double chin



Web desk: Here’s are a couple of facial activities that will enable you to condition your facial muscles and help in disposing of double chin.

  • The jaw lifts- the chin lift exercise is very effective to get rid of double chin and tone your face. It extends your jaw, throat and neck. You can do this either sitting or standing. Begin by tilting your head upwards towards the sky; ensure your eyes are settled upwards. Fix your lips and hold for 10 seconds.
  • The lip pull-This one is for your cheekbones. Push the lower jaw out. Do it for 15-20 seconds.
  • The fish face- Sit on a seat with your back straight, endeavor to suck in your cheeks and lips, hold for 5 seconds. It is similar to the pouting for selfie.
  • The blowing air work out- This activity will give your face a less fatty look. Stand straight with your spine erect and afterward tilt your head in reverse. At that point, pull your lips and attempt to blow let some circulation into from your mouth.
  • Smile-The best exercise for your face is to smile as much as you can. When you smile, your whole facial muscles extend, which thusly help to lose fat from your cheeks.

Source: hindustantimes