Five incredible uses of talcum powder



Web Desk: Talcum Powder is not only used for eliminating body adour and absorbing sweat as it has other usages you may not know about.

Have a look on 5 incredible uses of Talcum Powder.

Eyelash make-up

Talcum powder can be used while doing your eyelash make-up. What you have to do is apply talcum powder, this will result in fuller and long eyelash.

Warning: Close your eyes while applying.

Make-up Base

Talcum powder serves as an amazing base for make-up. Talcum powder base prevent greasy look, because it can absorb excess oil.


Apply Talcum powder before getting waxed to avoid itching and redness. This will also give you smooth and silky look.

Dry Shampoo

If you want a silky look for your hair, sprinkle some talcum powder on the roots of your hair. Then wash your hair.

Warning: Don’t use it regularly.

Eliminating body odour

It can remove body odour and give you a fresh look. You can also rub it on your irritated skin to calm it.

Source: Hindustantimes