Why are you a pizza addicted? find out now ..


Web Desk: The rate of Pizzaholics have increased, there are many people who love to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have you ever wondered why do you have a pizza addiction?

According to the researches, People all around the world love to consume pizza. It’s addiction is caused by a sudden spike in the blood sugar levels that signal the changes to neurological dopamine system. Study suggests that pizza addiction is as legit as drugs.

The study conducted by University of Michigan, the results listed 35 foods that can cause serious addiction and were rated according to how problematic they can be.

Pizza was one of the most addictive foods in the list. The list included chocolates, ice-cream, French fries, chips, cookies, cakes. While the least addictive ones were carrot, cucumber. Beans and apples.

Source: Timesofindia