Competitor of Bill Gates in power, wealth


-Time Magazine

Web desk:  according to the reports of Forbes 2017 bill gates is on the top of the list of richest man in the world. We assume that no one is able to chase his level but there are some people who can compete Bills Gates in wealth and power as well. Here we mention some of them.

  1. Viladimir Putin

He is one of the most powerful man of the world according to Forbes’s list. He spent many years for working in Russian intelligence and security (KGB) and in local politics then he becomes country’s leader. He holds 1st position with the net worth of his wealth two hundred billion dollars.

  1. Kim Jong-un

He is another powerful leader, leader of North Korea. He presume the power of his father,Kim Jong-il, Upon his death in 2011.He spent his money on cars, yachts, pianos, palaces and even on a private cinema. He likes luxurious life.

             3.Augustus Caesar

He was adopted son of Julius Caesar and had wealth of $4.636 trillion according to present time. He owned Egypt for a little time period.

  1. John D. Rockefeller

He is one of the richest men of the history with the net worth of three hundred and thirty six dollars ($336) he has controlled about 90% of American oil business. He donated more than half of his wealth to educational, religious and scientific purposes. He also sponsored in the establishment of Chicago University and Rockefeller University.

  1. Andrew Carnegie

He belonged to a poor family but he developed his wealth in the steel industry in US.

  1. Cornelius Vanderbilt

He is the son of farmer and a boatman. He left his school in the age of 11 and working on the waterfront. He inherited his wealth among his thirteen children. He funded one million dollar to Central University in Nashville, Tennessee

Source: Brightside