Beauty tips for brides


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Web desk: Every girl has a dream to be looking perfect on her special day. Getting married and dressed up for her man is the best feeling in the world and to look gorgeous here are some tips that should be followed by the brides.

Bridal glow:

For natural glow on your face try to use natural ingredients like honey and tea leaves. Use these on your face to clear and prevent marks.

Healthy hairs:

Take good care of your hair is very important use oil to make your hairs healthy and shinning.

Focus on your face:

Spend some time to focus on your face will help you to enhance best feature of your face.

Do healthy things:

Do not stress too much you should eat healthy things and drink plenty of water. Also sleep well will help you to look fresh and healthy.

How to get perfect skin:

Try to avoid caffeine and consume more healthy diet. Use vegetables, fruits and juices. Use homemade facial mask and avoid cosmetic that you have not tried before.

Bright and white teeth:

Smile is a best wear so to get white and stain free teeth use orange and banana peel. Also you can use baking soda for this purpose.

Source: timesofindia