Are these videos really satisfying?



Web Desk: Nowadays, odd satisfying videos are going viral. Some people believe that these videos are not just fun to watch but also awesome for your brain.

These videos feature anonymous hands mixing homemade purple slime with golden fairy dust and purple glitter flecks, they slice play-dough into thin identical slices, they do smooth painting etc. These videos are oddly satisfying. Watching these videos can reduce anxiety and depression.

They are damn satisfying. A positive psychiatrist Samantha Boardman, M.D said, “For a moment, your attention is completely focused on one thing and your thoughts stop jumping around.” He added, “There is no narrative, no drama, no shifting camera angles, just a total immersion into an endless loop of a mesmerizing visual footage that calms your mind.”

According to an expert, Jamie Price, ‘When you’re able to connect with these tiny little micromoments that change from one seconds to the next, it really inspires a sense of novelty, a sense of originality and uniqueness, which leads to the sense of delight’.

They also revealed that social media make people get exhausted, these videos can provide a way to relax your mind.

Watch some satisfying videos.


Source: Shape