Agarbatti smoke is more harmful than cigarette


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Web Desk: Agarbati (incense) is considered as a symbol of peace and prosperity. Its smell can make you feel calm. But, the smoke that emits out from the agarbattis can be more harmful than cigarette smoke and may also cause cancer.

According to the Chinese study in 2015, the smoke that comes out from agarbattis has tiny particles which disperse in air, contain toxic particles which can harm our body at a cellular level.

A study confirmed that its smoke contain toxins like mutagenic, genotoxic and cytotoxic that can lead to cancer. This can cause a gene to mutate which leads to bring changes in the DNA.

On breathing, it gets trapped in the lungs which can lead to an inflammatory reactions and cause irritation in the respiratory passage.

Agarbatti contain extra fine particles like artificial fragrances that can be dangerous for your body.

Source: Timesofindia