8 weird brain exercise that are really effective


Web Desk: Brain is a central part of your body, it is very important to keep it healthy and relaxed.

Try these mini mental workout exercises to prevent memory loss and sharpen your mind.

Neurobic exercises


It is like cross-training for your brain. It combines all the senses and stimulates more connections between brain areas. Try these exercises daily.

Brush teeth with non-dominant hand


According to the research, using opposite side of your brain could be helpful for sharpen your mind. Brush your teeth with non-dominant hand, open the tube and apply toothpaste in reverse.

Take shower with closed eyes


Wash, shave, and take bath with your closed eyes. This will send a pleasury sensation to your brain.

Turn familiar objects upside down


When you look at things right-side up, your left verbal brain quickly labels it and diverts your attention elsewhere. When they’re upside down, your right brain networks kick in, trying to interpret the shapes, colours and relationships of a puzzling picture. Turn pictures of your family, your desk clock or an illustrated calendar upside down.

Make a new connection with your nose


Keep your favorite scent near your bed for a week. Inhale it when you first wake up and then again as you bathe and dress.

Open car window


Try to identify new smells and sounds on your route, according to the research, hiking is one of the best things you can do for your brain.

Make more social connection


Try to make more and more social connection during your day.



Play games like tennis racket, a golf club, a fan, a drumstick, a violin, a microphone, a baseball bat etc.