8 oddest inventions of 2017



Web Desk: Inventing frequently includes thinking totally new possibilities, so it’s not really shocking that numerous manifestations that break from the conventional shape can be viewed as odd or wacky – at first, at any rate.

Here are the world’s oddest invention of 2017.

You Stink

The pocket-sized KunKun (or "sniff sniff") sensor works with a smartphone app to identify and analyze...


Portable gadget the pocket-sized KunKun (or “sniff”) sensor works with a cell phone application to recognize and examine boorish smells, for example, stale cooking oil and sweat. It’s just accessible in Japan.

Robotic Fashion

Dubbed "living jewelry" the robots could creating moving necklaces depending on a wearer's mood


A coordinated effort from MIT and designers from London’s Royal College of Arts has planned to match Fashion accessories with robots. The thought is that the small attractively determined robots could end up noticeably unique augmentations to articles of clothing, similar to a propose that moves from place to put, or could be utilized for down to earth reason like fixing a drawstring on your hood when you venture into the breeze.

Blessed are the chipmakers

The BlessU-2 robot offers blessings in a variety of languages


A robotic cleric named ‘BlessU – 2’ to offer digitalized endowments to supporters of the Evangelical Church in the German town of Wittenberg. We’re not too beyond any doubt, but rather as planned, it started a discussion about AI’s part in our otherworldly future.

Slurp-cancelling fork

Japanese food manufacturer Nissin is fed up with ramen slurpers, developing a connected eating utensil that...


To avoid slurping noise while eating, Japanese invented Otohika noise-cancelling fork. This technology will play sound designed to drown it out.

Extra hand or thumb

L to R: Youbionic Double Hand (Credit: Youbionic), MetaLimbs (Credit: Inami Laboratory), and the Third Thumb...


Metalimbs offer you two extra arms that will be handles through your knees and feet. While Youbionic gives the Double hands, which turns one hand into two. Also an extra thumb but it is just a concept.

Home décor under a cloud

The Floating Cloud's general lamp setting offers a cloud illuminated as if shot by a bolt...


Brooklyn-based architect Richard Clarkson has been bringing the outside inside for a couple of years now with his manufactured cloud outlines. The cloud contains a lithium-particle battery, mouthpiece and distinctive shaded LEDs which can flash in various hues in light in response to noise in the room.

Brush faster

The Amabrush (pictured) and the Unico resemble a mouthguard


Amabrush gadget, which looked like a mouthguard and guaranteed an all-teeth brush in only 10 seconds. What’s more, for the flossing side of the condition we had Blizzident’s 3D-Flosser, which is intended to get into every one of those holes between the teeth with one bit.

A bike with Umbrella

The user's head goes up through a collar tube built into the umbrella, and into an...


This under-cover design will keep you dry in the rain. This bike attaches an umbrella at the bike handlebars.

Source: Newatlas