7 Everyday things you are doing wrong constantly



Web Desk: In our daily routine, we do many things without much thought. This is because we learn to do these simple tasks by copying adults without knowing that either they are doing it right or wrong.

These 8 everyday things we are constantly doing wrong.



Put the laces through the top holes to create something like bunny ears. Then crisscross. This will stop your shoelaces from untying.

Holding pants


To avoid the clumsy fold mark on your pant, cut a paper towel tube and wrap it around your hanger.

Keyboard legs


Do not extend those little legs at the bottom of the keyboard to see the keys better because they can make your wrists ache.

Cleaning a blender


Instead of scrubbing your blender just pour in water, add your dishwasher liquid and blend.



Covering your mouth and nose while coughing may spread viruses easily through hand touch. So, use the crook of your elbow or sleeve to minimize the spread of germs.

Neat drawers


To avoid annoying wrinkles and utilizing space, roll up your clothes. This way will also make it easy to find your dresses.

Holding the steering wheel


The safest place to put your hands is on the center line. This will prevent the airbags from opening up into your hands and arms, thus protecting your head and body.

Source: Brightside