6 warning signals of disturbed liver



Web Desk: Liver is a detoxifying organ. Their work is to convert toxins into safe wastes, which is important for bodies’ well functioning.  Due to its hard working, it can get stressed.

Have a look on the 6 warning symptoms that tell your liver can’t stand your lifestyle any longer.



Overburdened liver prevents proper blood filtration. This toxic can reach your brain which leads to confusion and memory problems.

Low Blood sugar

Liver maintains blood sugar level in your body. When your liver is stressed, you may experience a sudden drop in your blood sugar level, which leads to fatigue, irritation and an inability to concentration.

Hormone imbalance


A stressed liver may imbalance estrogen and testosterone levels, which lead to serious problems like reduced libido and worsened PMS.

Mood Swings


Anxiety and depression are also linked with the condition of your liver.

Immune disorder

People with a disturbed liver have weak immune system. They often get viral infection disease so soon.

Sleep apnea



Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by paused or briefly interrupted breathing for more than 10 seconds. One of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea is snoring. It is also caused by the improper functioning of liver.

Tips to improve liver function


  • Consume 20g of fructose per day.
  • Give up vegetable oils which provoke inflammation.
  • Stop Consuming sodas.
  • Eat more meat and plants that contain amino acids.
  • Intake more green leafy vegetables, eggs, garlic and onion.

Source: Brightside