5 tragic deaths at Disney parks



Web Desk: Disney lands and parks are supposed to be wonderful places on earth. Probably, no one ever expected to be died here.

Sadly, there are some people who died in these parks. Have a look on the 5 tragic deaths at Disney lands.

Marcelo Torres

22-years-old graphic designer Marcelo Torres planned to go to Disney land with his best friend. He decided to ride the Big Thunder Mountail Railroad. In the mean of time, park employees heard a loud noise coming from train but no one remove the car from the ride.

Luan Phi Dawson

In 1998, Luan Phi Dawson, a Microsoft engineer decided to visit Disneyland with his family. They were waiting for a ride on the ship ‘Columbia’ on the Rivers of America. The employees forgot to untie the rope, hence when the boat move forward, it yanked the metal cleat out of the dock and hit Dawson in the head.

Philip Straughan

An 18-years-old Philip Straughan was celebrating at Grat Night. He decided to play prank by stealing an employee boat near Tom Sawyer’s Island. He took a ride on it, it was dark so he couldn’t see where he was going. Therefore, he crashed into a giant rock and fell into water.

Ricky Lee Yama

In 1967, Ricky decided to take a new ride ‘People Mover’. When he was passing through a dark tunnel, he lost his balance on the rotating platform and fell onto the tracks. Another set of cars came along and crushed his body.

In 1980, Gerardo Gonzalez died in almost exactly the same way.

Sherrill Anne Hoffman

A 31-year-old woman Sherrill Anne Hoffman was riding on Space Mountain and she became sick. The employees asked her to stay in the vehicle, because they planned to remove it from the track, so they could continue on without stopping to clean up the car. Sadly, they forgot to removed the car, as a result she went around Space Mountain a second time. She fell into coma and then died soon.

Source: Toptenz