5 effective make-up tricks for a chubby face



Web Desk: Girls with chubby cheeks are very attractive, but then girls are seldom satisfied with the way they look, aren’t they?

If you’re one of them and want to make your face look thinner than it actually is, here are 7 make-up tricks that will make your round face seem thin.


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Contouring is an effective way to change your look. It can enhance the best feature of the face.

You need three shades of foundation, one that match with your skin, one lighter and other slightly darker than your skin tone. First blend the foundation, that match with your skin tone. Now, apply a layer of darker foundation across the middle of your cheeks all the way to your ears. Then pick up the lighter foundation and apply it on your nose along with some darker foundation on the side, blend them well.


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Blush could hide the chubbiness of the cheeks and makes cheeks look thinner than before. For the best result, use bronze or peachy.


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Use bronzer post contouring. Apply bronzer on the hollow of your cheeks and around the jawline and blend it well.


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Eyes are the focal point of your face, select darker shades of eyeshadow such as browns and blue s to enhance your eyes. They can make your face look longer.


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If you have chubby cheeks then giving an arch to your eyebrows will make your face seem slimmer.

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