12 interesting ways to utilize fruits and vegetables peel



Web Desk: Every natural thing has significant uses. Even vegetable and fruit peel can be brilliantly utilized.

There are 12 innovative ways to use peel of vegetables and fruits.

Potato peel

I want these in my mouth now.


Potatoes’ peel can be used to make crispy delicious chips. There are so many recipes to cook it.

Orange peel

Who knew? Not I.


Orange peel can be used to whiten you teeth, cover your teeth with the pith facing you and rub it back and forth. Brush your teeth after sometime.

Lemon peel



Lemon is a cleaning agent, its peel can be used to clean kettle. Take some slice of lemon peel and boil them in your kettle. Once it is boiled, keep it for one hour then rinse.

Peach peel

It will smell so sweet!


Grab some peach peel and add sugar inside its skin, then scrub it on your face. This can keep your skin clean and hydrated.

Cucumber peel

Ants, you've got your marching orders.


Cucumber peel can be used to combat ants. All you have to do is, find out their entry point and leave cucumber peel there overnight.

Peel for fabric dye

Give it a whirl!


Orange peel, lemon peel, spinach, onion skin can be used to make homemade natural dye.

Banana peel

Banana peel is the best think to polish your shoes. Watch the video to see how to use banana peel for shoe polishing,

It can also be used for cleaning houseplants, wipe down each leaf with the inner side of the banana peel for shining and pleasant smell.

Lemon peel spice

This will go beautifully with so many dishes.


Lemon peel can be used for a homemade seasoning. Just blend dried lemon and black pepper.

Apple Peel

I'd apple-y make these!


Leftover apple peels, cores and few other ingredients can be used to make your own apple peel jelly.

Potato peel for eyes

De-puffing potatoes, at your service.


Grab potato peel and place it on your eyes for 10 minutes. This will lighten your skin colour and reduce dark circle.

Lemon peel for candles

SO pretty


Make a lemon candles, it will also make your home smell and look beautifully.

Apple and tomato peel for purifying water

Who knew?!


Peel of apple and tomatoes can be used as water purifier. A research suggested that tomato is an effective adsorbent and apple peel is a biomass for water purification. Water the tomato and apple skins then let it dry, then soak the peels in a bowl of tap water for an hour then remove the peel.

Source: Experthometips