10 innovative ways of using used tea bags



Web Desk: Many people considered tea bags as a useless material and their only place is trash bin.

Here is the list of 10 innovative ways of using tea bags.

Add flavor to pasta and grains

Before adding pasta, rice or other grain to boil, Hang the pre-brewed bags into a pot of water, when it comes to boil, remove the tea bags. Try jasmine or chamomile tea with rice, green tea with pasta.

Feed your garden

Put the packet of used tea bags in a bucket of water and use it for watering plants. This will protect them from fungal infection. You can also sprinkle damp leaves around the plant’s base.

Neutralize Household Odors

It is also used to remove unpleasant smell. Store pre-brewed tea bags in the refrigerator to keep them smelling fresh. You can also drop dried used tea bags into the bottom of your trash bins to neutralize bad smell.

Degrease dirty dishes

Soak your dishes in warm water with a couple used tea bags to break up grease.

Deodorizing Hand scrub

To remove the unpleasant smell of garlic, onion, fish, use pre-brewed tea bags to scrub your hands.

Soak your feet

Add used tea bags to warm water and soak your feet to neutralize foot odors, soften calluses and nourish your skin.

Soothe irritated skin

Place tea bags over sore, tired eyes to ease discomfort. Massage over sun burn to cook skin and reduce inflammation.

Eliminate bad breath

Tea is a natural breath-freshening mouthwash. Simply brew up some weak tea using your used tea bags.

Condition Hair

Brew up some weak tea with your used bags and use after your shampoo, this will work like a conditioner and nourish your hair and scalp.

Glass cleaner

Add used tea bad in the spray and use it onto windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces.

Source: Naturallivingideas