10 facts you may not know about birds



Web Desk: It’s everyone’s dreams to fly without the aid of technologies that’s why people are fascinated with birds, who made the act seem so effortless.

Here are some interesting facts about the birds, you may not know.

They have a curious desire to cover themselves in ants

A Northern cardinal sits on a branch


Birds have a desire to cover themselves in living or dead ants. They also allow ants to crawl around the bodies or stuffing ant corpses into their feathers.

Some Hummingbirds weigh less than a penny

A bee hummingbird hovers in the air


There are over 300 types of hummingbirds. The smallest hammingbird weighs in at just 2 grams – 5 grams which is less than a penny.

They will attack their reflection

A robin attacks its own reflection


When birds see themselves reflected in a window, they can mistake it for a rival bird and begin pecking.

They can nap in mid-air

Frigatebirds fly through the air


While migration, they can nap in mid-air. During a study, researchers attached a brain-wave activity sensor to frigate birds and noted the birds spend some time in mid-air.

They could be competitive eaters

A Baltimore oriole is perched on a branch


Many birds chow down on an impressive numbers of insects, they can eat 17 caterpillars a minute, a house wren is able to pass on 500 spiders to its offspring in a single afternoon.

Hummingbirds can’t walk

A hummingbird looks up into the sky


Humming birds have a very tiny and non-locomoting feets, which are not designed for long walk.

Crows can recognize faces

A crow sits on a porch railing


According to a research, crows can recognize faces and hold a grudge when provoked.

Why they don’t fall off branches while sleeping

A papuan frogmouth naps in the trees


The flexor tendors in their legs make an involuntary contraction when they settle in, keeping their feet locked in place during sleep.

Robins have sweet teeth

A robin stands in a field


Robin birds have sweet teeth, they are partial to pastry dough, fruit cake and coconut cake.

Hummingbirds are always starving

A ruby-throated hummingbird feeds on bottle brush


Hummingbirds are always in the search of food, they require so much nourishment. In fact, they’re perpetually a few hours away from starving to death.

Source: Mentalfloss