The best soup recipe for winter


-Martha Stewart

Web Desk: Winter is the coldest season, everyone want to stay warm and cozy. Embrace this season with this soup because it is the perfect to stay warm during winter.

Salsa Soup


Tomatoes (Chopped)        5-6

Onion (Chopped)                2

Garlic (Crushed)                  8-10

Capsicum (diced)              ½ cup

Kidney beans (boiled)    ½ cup

Olive oil                             1tbsp

Herb                                   ½ tsp

Water                                2 cups

Salt to taste


  1. Heat oil and add the onions, garlic, tomatoes and water.
  2. Boil it on a high flame.
  3. Then add the capsicum and kidney beans.
  4. Crush the tomato, beans and capsicum pieces with a ladle and let the soup thicken.
  5. Add the herb. Serve it with some nachos or tortilla chips.

Source: Deccanchronicle