Lake Saiful Muluk attracts more tourists current winter season :PTDC Official


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ISLAMABAD: Lake Saiful Muluk, a famous beautiful picturesque spot in Naran valley, attracted a huge crowd during this current winter season from across the country said an official of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC).

He said this lake in Pakistan, with a height of 3,224 metres above sea level, become the most favourite spot this year.

He said poor condition of roads and high mountains make it difficult for tourists to reach the lake without any fear many tourists got terrified due to its way to reach at a particular height, he said.

He said tourists take a boat ride on Lake Saiful Muluk and fully enjoy the view and tourists from across the country also take photos with their family and friends to remember their beautiful journey.

He said Jeeps are the only way to reach the area because of rough, rocky roads, Jeeps are shown parked on the side of Lake Saiful Muluk.

He said children ride horseback near Lake Saiful Muluk is favourite of tourists.

A tourists Rizwan Ahmed said ,”facilities such as bathrooms and trash cans makes it difficult for tourists to stay longer volunteerism is a must to keep the area clean and preserve nature,” –APP