Why Germany banned smart watches for children ?


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So after banning the sales of an internet connected doll — called My Friend Cayla German regulator has banned the domestic sales of children’s smartwatches that have a listening function claiming that parents have been using the devices to secretly eavesdrop on teachers at their kids’ school.

The Federal Network Agency telecoms watchdog said it had already taken action against some online sellers. The target group for the smartwatches are children between the ages of 5 and 12 years.

The app owner is able to silently call the device via such functions and listen unnoticed to the conversations of the watch wearer and others in their vicinity — an act of covert surveillance that is illegal in Germany.

The agency has instructed parents to destroy any devices they have bought, and asked schools to be on the look out for smartwatches being used by children  and to request destruction of listening devices they identify.