War on terror to continue till its logical end: Ahsan


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ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has said that the innumerable sacrifices given by our public, the Law Enforcement Agencies and police have helped in stemming tide of terrorism.

He was addressing a ceremony at police academy in Islamabad on Friday.

The Minister said Police have an important role to deal with challenges faced by the country including terrorism.

He said our security agencies are rendering sacrifices daily and Police have to take forward their legacy and write a new chapter of valour.

Ahsan Iqbal said the role and duties of Law Enforcement Agencies are of pivotal importance for stability and socio-economic advancement of our country.

He said we have laid down more than sixty thousand lives to ensure survival and bright future of Pakistan.

Similarly, loss of billions of dollars worth of property and infrastructure has also been braved.

He said all this has increased our resolve to continue our struggle till final victory.

He also emphasized that reinvigorating communities is essential if we are to deter crime and create more responsive neighbourhoods.

Ahsan Iqbal stressed that training/courses for police officers be designed on modern lines with emphasis on imparting skills.