Top 7 creatures having superpower in real life


Web Desk: Besides the movies, some superpower creatures actually exist in the world. These creatures have surprising, funny and weird ability.

Immortal Jellyfish

-Egyptian Streets

-Egyptian Streets

At the time of it’s birth, its like a free-swimming tiny blob, then into Colony of polyps and then into jellyfish. Whenever it get attacked, it becomes sick and then back to polyp stage.

Naked mole-rat

-The Mary Sue

-The Mary Sue

Naked mole-rats feel no pain because it’s skin doesn’t send any pain signals to the central nervous system.


-Live Science

-Live Science

This is the toughest creature to kill. They can survive with a temperature from -272°C to 150°C, pressure up to 40,000 kPa, high radiations and live without food or water for more than 30 years.

Hairy frog

-Scientific American Blog Network

-Scientific American Blog Network

This frog has false claws, which rest inside it’s fingers. Whenever it gets stressed or under attack, it can force sharp claws through skin and break its own bone.

Mantis Shrimp

It has a sharp claws accelerate with a speed of 23 m/s. It has to be kept in thick plastic cages.

 Criocerinae Leaf Beetle

This larva covers themselves with their own excrement to avoid being eaten.


-One Photo One Day

-1 Photo 1 Day

This bird can copy any sound like chainsaws, fire alarm, camera shutter or even trains.