Hania Amir bashes for harrasement



Web Desk: Pakistani actress who worked on big scale media projects, bashed for harassment a fellow passenger.

During travelling, she made video in which she is trying to record a passenger sitting at the back. She endeavored to capture how uncomfortable the passenger went as he realizes he may be in the snap. In the video, she was continuously laughing and making fun of him.

As soon as the video hit the social media, Hania faced very harsh responses.

A user tweeted, “you just can’t make someone’s video without permission. It is harassment cheap act it was shame on u shame on u #haniaamir”

Another tweeted, “This is totally not okay. If you want your personal space as a woman, a man needs it too. Such incidents suffocate air for women who actually need help.”

After the days of video upload, she asked for apology. She stated while speaking to Express Tribune, My intension was never to harras the man since I do know how it feels to be judged on how I wear my hair, what shoes I wear. Therefore, as soon as the video was uploaded and I saw the snap, I deleted it right there. I wasn’t trying to invade his personal space or anything like that,”

Source: http://emperorpost.com/hania-amir-harassing-fellow-passenger/