Four Pakistani films in 2017 bags over 1 billion rupees


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 LAHORE:As many as 17 films were released in 2017 and out of them four did over 90 per cent business of the total business of all films.

Nadeem Beg’s film, Main Punjab Nahi Jaoon Gi, Na-Maloom Afrad of Nabeel Qureshi, Mehr-un-Nisa of Yasar Nawaz and Yalghar of Waqas Rana are included. These four films earned over one billion rupees during this period.

Nadeem Beg told APP that Main Punjab Nahi Jaoon Gi earned Rs 47 crore, Na-Maloom Afrad, over Rs 20 crore, Mehr-un-Nisa over 16 crore and 68 lakh and Yalghar 19 crore rupees.

Shoaib Mansoor’s film ‘Warna’ will be released on Nov 17.

This film may make a huge business and can beat the record of previous films. —APP