90% kidney patients comprise youth


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RAWALPINDI: Most of the patients reaching Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) with kidney disorders consist 90% youngsters of 15, 20 and 40 years of age.

Talking to APP, Head of Urology Department Prof. Dr Mumtaz Ahmed said 60% patients with kidney diseases reaching the hospital have kidney stones. The reasons, he said, behind this large number of patients were ignorance on the part of patients, illiteracy, consumption of high protein diet especially beef and mutton, obstruction and infection in the urinal, obesity, no exercise and exploitation by homeopathic doctors.

To a question, he said homeopathic doctors claimed that a single dose could remove a kidney stone was not understandable as they were misleading poor patients. Dr. Mumtaz said he had contacted homeopathic doctors many times to invite them in the international conferences held by their department to know about the so-called medicine for removing kidney stones. He said they had neither participated in any of the conferences held nor gave any information about the medicine.

He said citizens must avoid such impractical treatments as these medicines were contributing more to renal failure.

He advised that if a person felt slight pain in kidney he must consult doctor. He said stones less than of 1 cm size be removed naturally where those less than 2 cm were removed by lithotripters and it was necessary for the patient to make sure the removal of kidney stone.

He further said BBH had developed the latest technology of lithotripters for pulverizing kidney stones. He said the new technology was convenient and safe to remove kidney stones where there was no need to have open cut surgery.—APP