Las Vegas shooting: iPhone ‘saves woman’s life after stopping bullet’


—Photo by Reuters

An iPhone reportedly saved a woman’s life after it was hit by a bullet fired by the Las Vegas gunman.

A taxi driver took a photo of the device after driving its owner, who has not been named, to safety.

She is said to have told him gunfire narrowly missed her as she fled the scene outside the Mandalay Bay Hotel, where a country music festival was taking place.

Stephen Paddock fired hundreds of rounds at concert-goers, killing 58 and injuring hundreds more.


Local news outlet KLAS reported that a local taxi driver drove the woman from the scene after she escaped.

The image showed the bottom of her phone completely shattered, with the metal edge peeling off. The glass outer layer was also splintered.

Few further details are known about the woman and the precise circumstances of her near-miss.

Around 22,000 people attended the Jason Aldean concert on Sunday evening.

It has since emerged that the large arsenal of weapons used by Paddock was legally obtained.

He also set up surveillance cameras in the hallway outside the hotel room he used as a firing point onto the people below.

—Courtesy: Yahoo