It is dangerous to feel pain all over your body, find out reasons here


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WEB DESK: If you have felt pain all over your body but you don’t know the cause behind it. Don’t ignore this, as it can’t be simple fatigue but could be fibromyalgia.

It is a mysterious one and doctors are still arguing over it about how is happened and how to cure it. They haven’t concluded anything yet. However, it is suggested to consult to physician immediately in such case.

Here are some symptoms that everyone must learn and check:

  • You feel irritated and depressed regularly.
  • It is difficult to concentrate and remember things for you.
  • You feel unaccountable sensation in your body, especially in burning, numbness, and swelling in your limbs.
  • Rising body temperature for no reason.
  • You depend on weather and react immediately to sharp smells, noise, cold and heat.
  • Your bowels system and urination is discomforting.
  • You have painful periods.
  • You encounter headaches more often.
  • You feel intense pain in some parts of your body than others.
  • Broken sleep patterns are another symptom.
  • Stiffness and fatigue are severe in early hours.
  • For more than three months, you have persisting pains.
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It’s not a disease, just subjective sensations.

fibromyalgia is a common musculoskeletal system disorders. There are numerous other unanswered questions which even doctors are finding. And, the cause behind it still unknown.

It only threatens elderly women.

It is mere a myth that it threats elderly women. Children could experience this and normally people in their 20 to 50 years of age have been diagnosed with it more. Also, fibromyalgia is more common in women but men should stay careful.

It’s not so bad. The pain is tolerable.

If you think this pain is tolerable then you are mistaken here. These fits of pain can lead to disability. Plus, there is also a possibility of stroke, particularly in young people.

What to do:



First and foremost: consult a doctor.

Going to doctor is only suggested at first. Only a physician can prescribe the correct treatment.

Drug therapy.

To cure fibromyalgia, doctors prescribed analgesics and anti-inflammatories as a rule and antidepressants may also recommend.

Physical activity, massage, and other procedures.

It is suggested to go for Yoga or swimming. Sports would be a choice but in moderation. Physical activity, massage, and other procedures can be used to restore mobility of body. For instance, in Japan; short sessions of cryotherapy are used.

Restoration of emotional balance.

Everything that has positive impact and can relieves negative effects is a good option. According to experts, a basic pet therapy can minimize the symptoms of the illness.

Pain points map: Be sure to check yourself 

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The points are marked to be pressed: the resulting pain is shallow and dull, its focal area isn’t too large either. Also, the symmetrical arrangement of the points is the major sign of a possible disease. Visit to a doctor is still recommended.

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