Instant cure for tooth ache


-Case Daily

A toothache is definitely a pain in the neck! Sometimes the pain is so acute and throbbing that you don’t even feel like opening your teeth, even to talk.

The first ingredient is cloves.


This remedy is brought in from the ancient Egyptians. Clove is a major ingredient of this magic potion.

The second ingredient is coconut oil.

toothache remedy

This is a common ingredient in most of the home remedies and is easily available.

Next, add half a teaspoon of salt and pepper.

toothache remedy

Rather than popping pills and visiting the dentists, this remedy is safe and will save your hard earned money.

Lastly, add few drops of water to make a solution.

toothache remedy

This will make the mixture easy to be applied on the teeth. Now, let the mix stand for some time. Later, apply it on your teeth.

Use a toothbrush to apply the mix gently on the affected area.

toothache remedy

Continuously rub the mix, so that its properties seep into the gums. All you will have to bare with is the awkward taste.

Yayy! Finally you will overcome the pain.

toothache remedy

Use the paste three times a day for better results.