‘I am just 12th pass and my parents had a lot of issues with it back then’


-Times of India

WEB DESK: Success in B-town isn’t determined by the degree you have gotten. It is solely based on how dedicated and talented you are. 

The Indian film industry has qualified actors but gaining recognition locally or internationally demand consistency and yes, immense talent too.

The veteran actress of B-town Deepika Padukone has a similar story. Recently she launched a biography of well-known celebrity of yesteryear, Hema Malini. The BajiRao Mastani star revealed that she is just 12th passed and her parents had actually issues with that. Becoming a superstar is entirely based on efforts a person puts in his/her work.

She said,”To be honest, I don’t think it’s (being number one) something I have given too much thought to. Like Hema ji said, it’s more something that is given versus what you want or expect for yourself. The intention really is to do just good work. All of us are extremely passionate about our work. The constant endeavour is to work with challenging directors, learn and grow. Maybe somewhere along the way, success happens and tags that are given are given. It’s a very unique and an interesting place to be in. There are many sacrifices.”

Deepika further added,”You have to be extremely dedicated. Like, I haven’t gone to college. My 11th and 12th also I just managed to finish because by then I had become a successful model, and while I lived in Bengaluru then, I still had to go to Mumbai and Delhi a lot of times for work. Then I tried doing my first year of degree, I couldn’t do that. I tried distance education, I couldn’t do that as well.”

Lastly she revealed,”So, I am just 12th pass, which back then my parents had a lot of issues with. They only wanted me to start working after I completed a basic degree (course). That’s a very conservative Indian way of looking at it that you need to have something to fall back on. But somewhere along the way, they realised how passionate I was about what I wanted to do and one day, things just changed. They felt I was extremely focused and overnight, I had wings to fly. I don’t think I would have achieved what I did had they not been so supportive.”

Source: PinkVilla