Calcium, sunlight can reduce osteoporosis risks


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ISLAMABAD: Osteoporosis experts on Friday urged citizens to ensure they get adequate calcium, weight-bearing exercise and vitamin D to prevent bone problems.

Osteoporosis and arthritis could become as common as diabetes and hypertension in the years to come if people don’t start taking care of themselves from an early age, an orthopedic surgeon Dr Parvez Anjum was speaking with private news channel in connection with the World Osteoporosis.

Dr Anjum explained anyone could suffer from osteoporosis or arthritis, especially elderly people, but they can control the intensity of symptoms by leading a healthy lifestyle.

“In Pakistan, the number of patients suffering from osteoporosis has been steadily increasing because of our unhealthy lifestyle.” Prof Dr Pervaiz Anjum said.

The condition rarely presents symptoms till a fracture takes place.  Most of these fractures occur in hip, spine and wrist, and nearly 80% of women suffer from osteoporosis.

“Osteoporosis is also called a silent killer because it is detected once bone breakage has already occurred,” said Dr.

Every third woman and fifth man over the age of 50 in Pakistan suffers from the disease, he said, adding that most people fail to deal with the disease because they do not take their medicines regularly, he added.

“We are trying to encourage people to consider various forms of dairy products and avoid drinking sugary soft drinks. Dairy products not only contain calcium, they contain other good nutrients and there are some good options on the market for people who are lactose intolerant,” he concluded.—APP