‘Terminator 6 Will Ignore Terminator Genisys’



WEB DESK: Here are the surprising changes, Terminator fans would like to learn about next, Terminator 6. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed everything and it will surely raise the excitement real ‘Terminator’ fans. According to reports, the creator of the film James Cameron is returning to work on the new part. This step will lead to the reunion of the original actors, Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. More, Arnold  has revealed that it will ignore the flop events of Terminator: Genisys. 

The actor more enable fans who were presented at an event held in Birmingham, UK, that the name of the sequel will not only be ‘Terminator 6’. Also, the lead actress, Linda has started training for her character as Sarah Connor, already.

Linda’s appearance was confirmed earlier by Cameron. The character of Sarah Connor has appeared in the series but Linda is doing it again after 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day. On her return, the creator said, it will make a huge statement.

So much so, the reports have to say a lot. And according to them the next Terminator will be directed by Dead Pool’s Tim Miller. Its story will overlook by Cameron and Miller.

Lastly, there was a confusion about whether further Terminator will be made or not after failure of Terminator: Genisys which was supposed to be the first part of new trilogy. Although Paramount has turned down any more movies reportedly. But, there is still hope since Cameron has become a part of it again.

Source: gamespot