Six FC personnel injured in grenade attack at Torkham border


—Photo by TNN

LANDI KOTAL: At-least six FC personnel were injured in a twin hand-grenade attacks at the main entrance gate of Torkham at Pak-Afghan border on Friday, security sources said.

A Security Official said that some unknown terrorists threw hand-grenade at the entrance gate of Torkhan border, injuring six soliders of the Tochi Scout of FC.

The terrorists fled from the scene, however, security forces cordoned off the area and started search operation to apprehend the culprits.

The injured were identified as Sepoy Abdul Jalil, Sepoy Amanullah, Sepoy Abdul Latif, Sepoy Fahimullah, Sepoy Ziaullah and Sepoy Salman Khan. They were shifted to CMH Landi Kotal and admitted.

After the incident the Torkham gate was closed for all kind of traffic.—APP