In defiance with SHC order, officials from Aisha Bawany refuses to reopen school


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KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Saturday suspended a civil judge’s order to seal the premises of Aisha Bawany College till September 23. However, Aisha Bawany College’s trust refused to open the premises despite the court order. 

According to local media reports, as first-year students reached the college for their first day of classes, officials of Aisha Bawany Trust refused to open the gate. When government officials, including the colleges’ director, reached the site, they were asked to produce the court order directing for the opening of the premises.

The officials however, failed to provide a copy of the stay order. The incident also resulted in a scuffle between officials of the trust and education department.

The trust officials maintained that the court’s official had ordered the sealing of the court and the college administration is wrongly been accused of sealing the college. Meanwhile, education department officials blame the trust for sealing the premises.

Teachers and students are still protesting against the sealing of educational institution’s building. The matter follows that the dispute between the Aisha Bawany Trust and education department arose over non-payment of the rent amount, which had allegedly accumulated to Rs 8,400,000.

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