Five places where photography isn’t allowed


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WEB DESK: It is indigestible to not to take any picture while traveling to different country. You take photos to capture the moment and to relive it later. But it seems like some countries don’t understand it and that is why they have prohibited photography at certain places.  


-© wikimedia   © Martin Falbisoner

-© wikimedia © Martin Falbisoner

While touring to Japan, don’t photograph certain temples and statues. They believe that taking pictures might not like by the spirits living there. Not every temple has this strict rule but some do follow it religiously. Moreover, you will guided upon your tour about those temples.


-© Diliff   © wikipedia

-© Diliff © wikipedia

It may surprise you but yes commercial photography isn’t allowed in England. It will only be done after concerned authorization. And, shooting at Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square can only be done after Mayor’s permission. Furthermore, tourists are allowed to take photos anywhere in the country.

North Korea

-© ArtMechanic   © David Eerdmans~commonswiki

-© ArtMechanic © David Eerdmans~commonswiki

Traveling to North Korea mean learning a lot about do’s and don’t’s of the country. They have some severe restrictions which they expect from everyone to follow. For instance, tourists aren’t allowed to leave hotel without a guide. Photography isn’t permitted without guide’s permission. Plus, violating such rules may land you in some serious trouble.

United Arab Emirates

-© Valeryi Ded   © Valeryi Ded

-© Valeryi Ded © Valeryi Ded

Visiting UAE is now in everyone’s travel list. But they too have set strict rules about photography and places like government building, certain bridges and palaces where senior of the country lives.


-© Ruwoltj

-© Ruwoltj

You may find USA in the list pretty surprising but yes they do have a rule on photography but it is a little different. Unlike other places, the rules in USA are much relaxed. And, they are limited to property only. If you wish to take pictures makes sure you are not capturing anyone’s private property. It is advisable to take permission or look for signs given outside those properties.

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