Apple’s lie about iPhone 8 ‘glass back’ unveiled by drop test



WEB DESK: Weeks ago, Apple revealed iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X  during a press conference. The company also claimed that the glass given at the back phones – is the ‘strongest’ glass ever which was a lie. 

Moreover, release of new Apple phones always create buzz. The claims of the company might not always turn out true but this time the case is different. The truth was revealed by an experiment, carried out with the help of professional drop test machine. The tests were taken with rival company. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 and new iPhone 8 plus were used for the experiment.

Watch the experiment between rival phone companies here:

This year’s range of Apple Phone’s might has stronger glass backs. As per company’s early statement, they might have a copper-infused layer but their claim about strongest back glasses ever used on any smartphones is turned out to be false.


Video Courtesy: PhoneBuff/Youtube