Priyanka Chopra created chaos in Salman’s Bigg Boss 11




WEB DESK: Priyanka Chopra and Salman Khan are big names of B-town and almost never failed to impress fans with their projects. Recently, PC created chaos in India’s widely watch reality show, Big Boss 11. 

Now, fans must be thinking how the Quantico star relates to Salman’s reality show. She does, and in a most surprising way that you hardly have heard about.

The story links to Priyanka’s lookalike Navpreet Banga, who also a Youtube star. It all started when Navpreet was approached to be one of the contestants of Big Boss 11.

The Youtuber not just turned down the offer but made a valid point while interacting to Hindustan Times,“I found out from an article that I’m even in consideration for the show. I got the final call, where they wanted me to think about it. And I rejected it right away. feel that it’s discrediting so much that I do. I think part of the reason people wanted me to go [on] Bigg Boss was because of what I look like. That’s not a good enough reason to go anywhere. I have earned a position, I want to be called Navpreet Banga, and they recall me [by] that name and that’s how I want to move forward in life.”

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It was later figured out that she is an active Instagram user with 175,000 followers where she shares her stunning photos/selfies.

Navpreet more revealed that,“This lookalike thing makes me feel that I’m nothing else but that. People call me [Priyanka’s] lookalike all the time. Some even say that I do it on purpose. I can’t change the way I look; I am born this way and I sound this way. I don’t want to be known as PC’s lookalike because I am so much more.”

Source: Bollywood Life