Here is how Tom Cruise injured himself during shooting



WEB DESK: Hollywood’s heartthrob and action hero, Tom Cruise is known for his exceptional stunts but no one really knows how risky and rigid they can be. But, Tom continues to do so without fear and strive to do better from the previous one. 

It is often said that practice makes man perfect and it is true. These action stars do practice before shooting for the final time to make the scene flawless.

And, Tom is an actor who is known for his extra ordinary and flawless stunts but still nothing is perfect. Be it Tom or any other actor, despite their hard work, they still could not make it exemplary. Similar to this, an incident recently happened with Tom when he began shooting for ‘Mission: Impossible 6’.

The scene involved jumping between two buildings although he was seen with assistance of a safety harness but he had mistimed his leap and crashed into the side of the second building which is surely painful to watch. However, it is still secret if the actor got any major injury or if he is still in under observation.

Video Courtesy: Guardian Wires