Priyanka Chopra again trolled on Social Media for lip augmentation















WEB DESK: The rising Hollywood actress Prianka chopra is again Trolled by social media over her lip augmentation procedure.

Priyanka Chopra is one of those actors who is seen very active on social media. The actress keeps us updated with all the latest happenings in her professional and personal life via Her Social media accounts However, like all celebs, PC too experiences the Harsh Cruelty from trollers continuously.

The latest incident occurred when Priyanka posted a picture of herself on her Instagram and wrote, “Summer lovin… #carfiesunday.” Priyanka carry a red lipstick and dark sunglasses in the picture. However, the photo initiated a debate about did PC had gone for a lip augmentation procedure.

Previously, PC was hot part of news when she declared her nose is “original” in a chat show. Priyanka shared her incident saying, “Before I became an actor, I met a producer about the possibility of acting. He said my nose was not proportionate..” Host Joy Behar interrupted her to ask, “Is that your original nose?”, to which Priyanka replied, “Yes, this is my original nose..”

This statement of PC had created prompt on Social Media. However, cool Priyanka everytime cleverly handle these types of of trolls easily in her unique way.