Partly Facetious: The Man Who Shall Remain Nameless is still in control


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“You are simply jealous of him – he has made a lot of money and he has fame…”

“There is a rather thin line between fame and infamy in the Subcontinent I would have you know.”

“How thin?”

“Don’t be facetious. You know it’s a very thin line that can only be seen after you use of some technology like a telescope…”

“Telescope is used for looking at extra terrestrials in Pakistan – and here I refer to the telescopes provided by the government to the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee to sight the new moon and…”

“Hey, extra terrestrials means aliens, and the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee maybe sight challenged after all they have crossed the age of retirement… besides don’t you think there is a contradiction there – the committee uses the technology to sight the moon but not the technology/know-how that enables all other Muslim countries to actually determine when the new moon will be sighted. Any way you meant the solar system right and not extra terrestrials?”

“Oh right, but sitting where I am some of those who are borderline cases and I am referring to the line between fame and infamy the Man Who Shall Remain Nameless claimed the credit for the win of our cricket team and you know ne’er a one challenged him…”

“And let me tell you that there is also a fine line between those who have the backbone to challenge an appointee when he or she can make a difference to one’s career and those who simply do not……”

“I see, so given that the Man Who Shall Remain Nameless is still in control and unlikely to cede the control to anyone else unless fired…”

“Indeed, but his speech was not as successful as the de jure head’s; who referred to a cricket match where our Prime Minister scored fours and sixes, and this was evident from the Prime Minister’s speech…”

“You are so bad, but let me tell you at the end of the day we will forget the Man Who Shall Remain Nameless but not…”

“Not the Prime Minister who gave his daughter as much security as he himself gets by dint of his office when she presented herself for an interview with the Joint Investigation Team!”

“Just because you got caught in the road blocks along the way designed to provide security to the First Daughter…”

“But there is a contradiction here too, isn’t there! I mean here is the First Daughter living in the PM House at the taxpayers’ expense and has appropriated another house in Raiwind which belongs to her dad or is it grandmother and claim that she is not dependent on her family and…”

“And she is right you dumb idiot! Her residing in these two venues implies she is the daughter of the nation…”

“And what about her stay in Mayfair flats when she visits London…”

“I see, the green monster of jealousy…”