What does today’s google doogle mean?


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Google doogle gets periodically change to give tribute, honor and celebrates something or someone. Today google gets musical to celebrate 117th birthday of influencial filmmaker, artist and prolific painter of 19th century, Oskar Fischinger.

Fischinger created an instrument Lumigraph that produce optical painting with hand movement. He made unique effect for sci-fi rocket movies and made over 50 short films. This google doogle honors Fischinger’s work.

Google’s Leon Hong said,”In the world of design, Fischinger is a towering figure, especially in the areas of motion graphics and animation. He is best known for his ability to combine impeccably synchronized abstract visuals with musical accompaniment”

“His colors and motion are so carefully planned yet naturally playful, his timing so precise yet human. So today’s Doodle aims to pay homage to him, while allowing you to compose your own visual music,” he continued.

This google doogle is a free music creator which invites you to compose your own free visual music.

This starts with Fischinger’s quote, “Music is not limited to the world of sound, there exists a music of the visual world”. Then it leads you to a page where you can compose your visual music by selecting dots, each dot represents a note. There are four different instruments you can select. The composition is played on a loop.

Google aims to inspire you to seek out the magic of Fischinger for yourself. This is fun, don’t miss it.

Source: BGR.com