Twitter is looking to introduce fake news button


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The Washington Post reported on Thursday that, the company is looking for introducing a “fake news button”. This feature allows the users to flag the tweet as containing “misleading, false, not factual, offensive or harmful content. This information was giving by two anonymous people familiar with the company’s projects.

The feature could be like a tiny tab in a drop-down menu. But twitter already has a drop-down menu where users report tweet as harassment. Therefore, this feature sounds difficult.

The feature is still in a design phase but company is finding ways to implement such button which help people to detect irrelevant and fake content, because of increasingly uncontrolled abuse such as fabricated news, fake accounts and extremist recruitments etc.

Twitter Audit reports that, 59 percent of followers of President Trump are bots or fake accounts and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had 66 percent of her Twitter following accused of being faked. Two-third of American adults say, fabricated news stories spread on social media have caused confusion about basic facts.

“We are not currently testing this nor do we have any current plans to ship it,” a Twitter spokesperson

Twitter spokeswomen Emily Horne told, “No current plan to launch”. But didn’t comment on whether testing or not.

Meanwhile Facebook, the Twitter’s biggest rival, also launched a feature to detect the fake-news.