Staircase could replace your gym, here’s how ?


-Huffington Post

WEB DESK: If you think going to gym daily for intense work out session is trying then your problem is half way solved. As, you can stay slimmer and leaner without sweating vigorously at the gym. 

We all have staircases somewhere nearer to us and now the time has arrived to utilize them. These staircases can become perfect workout places and you don’t really need to spend hours at the gym.

Shwetambari Shetty, a fitness expert and zumba specialist at CULT – A Workout Station, Bengaluru, says,“It improves cardiovascular fitness. Stair climbing is easy to build as a habit, and is more powerful than walking.”

She further says,“It is recommended only for 30 minutes daily, which means one can do it at different times of the day, be it at home or work.”

Step-Up to Reverse Lunge

This exercise requires you to facing stairs with left foot and on the next step on your right leg behind you on the floor. Now, lift up your right knee to the chest, then step back to the beginning position quickly. Also, do 12 reps on side.

Triceps Stair Dip

For this step, you will have to sit on the edge on the second or third step while placing arms at your sides. Now, pressing down palms and lift up buttocks slightly up off the stair’s step. Next step is to extend legs, resting your heels on the floor. Also, if you have back pain or any back related issues, keeping your feet flat on the floor is suggested and bend legs at 90 degrees.

Mountain Climber

For mountain climber, you will need to face the floor/stairs while placing your hands on the second step with arms pressed into your sides. Your legs extended behind you and intense engaged in a push up position.

Squat jumps

For squat jumps, do a regular squat facing stairs, stay in the position with both feet. Hold it for a moment, then jump and repeat the whole process again.

Source/Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times