Spanking your child won’t eliminate problems


-Today Show

-Today Show

WEB DESK: Many parents prefer to spank their children for behaving bad. In most cases this happens behind closed doors whereas some parents really loose control and slap their child anywhere. The question is whether spanking is the only way to treat child’s bad behavior ? 

We have seen many well behaved adults who were spanked during their childhood and aren’t disturbed by it at all. At the same time, we have observed stubborn attitude of children who weren’t spanked at all.

Moreover, many experts suggest talking session with children regardless of an issue. Talking or having a conversation with a child may enable him why parents were upset with him. However, it won’t work out in every case and parents prefer spanking.

We have found a video which explains why it is not suitable being angry on a child or beat him up. It also highlights what could be the outcomes of spanking.

Watch this informative video here:

Source: Bright Side