Shahbaz dressed like a 1920s mafia member?


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It is highly unfortunate that the PTI chief Imran Khan, who is famous for his choice of words that he employs against his political rivals, has described the Punjab Chief Minister as a mafia member.

According to him, the Punjab CM, Shahbaz Sharif, who appeared before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) on Saturday, was dressed like a 1920s mafia member. This is of course unfortunate and condemnable. Instead of taking a jibe at CM’s dress, Imran ought to have offered a convincing or plausible response to Shahbaz Sharif’s assertion that not a single case of embezzlement of government resources was ever proved despite repeated accountability of Sharif family. Shahbaz had also said this was not the first time his family was held accountable but his family has been called for accountability for the fifth time. Just how low are our politicians prepared to stoop in order to win votes in the 2018 general elections? Imran’s remarks constitute a strong case in point.