Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s price tag will shock you


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Samsung Note series have always been expensive but the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would break all your piggy banks. Because it will cost nearly $1000 when launches in September, VentureBeat claim.

If rumors are true, the Note 8 will be Samsung’s most expensive Galaxy phone in history and it’s going to be launched on second half of September.

Report of VentureBeat hints that Note 8 will have a 6.3-inch infinity display, dual 12MP cameras setup on the back of the phone, 6GB of RAM internally, a 3300mAh battery and Samsung signature stylus. Also flash and fingerprint sensor on the back and powered by the same processors doing the heavy lifting on the S8 line. It will work with the DeX accessory which turns the device into desktop when plugs in. Moreover, the phone may come in black, blue and gold colors.

Last year, company was getting complains about Note 7s exploded which effected the company’s reputation, but this new Note 8 may restore it. Because this time company claims that we have0 conducted many battery test and this phones are safe.

Mobile phone’s biggest rivals are in play, the Iphone 8 and Note 8 is expected to be launched on the same month and both having the best features than ever, let’s see the fights will go which way?