Partly Facetious: The deadly Trump-Modi nexus



“What does Donald Trump and Narendra Modi have in common?”

“Well, it isn’t an interest in the real estate business. That Trump has in common with the Second Son.”

“Second Son?”

“Hassan Nawaz.”

“From what I can tell he is the Third Child in importance, I mean Maryam Nawaz is clearly in the lead, followed by Hussain Nawaz…”

“What do you mean by in the lead?”

“Oh, our Prime Minister relies the most on his eldest born, his daughter – she is the beneficial owner of millions, followed by his second born and so on…”

“Right, anyway Trump doesn’t have the real estate business in common with Modi. So what else do the two men have in common?”

“They both are right of the right in terms of their politics and…”

“Yes, but then Trump would have a lot more in common with some other world leaders and that isn’t so.”

“I got it! It’s the two men’s abiding hatred for Muslims, those in their country, those outside their country and…”

“Trump never hosted either an iftari or an Eid meal like his predecessors at the White House and I am sure Modi would have an apoplectic fit if you suggest he has an Eid meal with a bunch of Muslim…”

“And he is requested to serve meat in deference to Muslims love of meat…”

“Ha ha, don’t be facetious.”

“Anyway, Chaudhry Nisar commented that Trump is speaking Modi’s language.”

“He isn’t the Foreign Minister that office is with the Prime Minister.”

“True, but Mian sahib as we all know has limited the discharge of responsibilities of a foreign minister only where foreign travel is concerned.”

“That’s so unfair…he is the most experienced…”

“Indeed and look at what that experience has achieved: we are at odds with all our neighbours – India, Afghanistan and Iran, and the US. Barring China and there too the Chinese Foreign Minister came when Mian sahib was celebrating the first of the two Eids in London…”

“That’s true, he was back in the country when we had our Eid a day later…”

“Precisely, and I would like to thank The Khan – this is Naya Pakistan indeed – Mian sahib would never have returned before he was good and ready a few months ago…”