Partly Facetious: PM asserts he belongs to rich family


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“Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has nawazed (bestowed) one crore rupees to the cricket team members who brought such joy to the nation and unlike our politicians have united the country.”

“See the difference between a rich man, and need I add, Mian sahib’s defence in the Panama Papers is that he belongs to a rich family…”

“And Benazir Bhutto didn’t?”

“OK, so did she, but the exponential growth of wealth accumulation of the Bhutto Zardaris…”

“And Mian sahib’s wealth didn’t grow exponentially?”

“I would have you know that accumulation of wealth in industry is a lot higher than in farming and…”

“If the Sharif family has sugar mills then so does the Bhutto Zardaris…”

“I give up, any way our Prime Minister has nawazed the cricket team at the taxpayers’ expense or at his own expense?”

“I am not sure, but I didn’t ever hear of Mian sahib actually giving money for charity from his own pocket or for nawazing a winning cricket team from his personal account if you know what I mean; besides his son remits money to him from abroad. Dar sahib however does give a lot to charity….”

“And rightly so, Dar sahib gave a lot to charity after return of the 40 plus crore rupees of qarz-i-hasna – a loan at zero rate of interest…”

“Don’t be facetious, anyway, the Prime Minister has access to discretionary funds and he probably gave the money from that account.”

“I thought the discretionary funds were finished for the year which is why the Prime Minister decided to spend the last days of the fiscal year out of the country and…”

“Don’t be facetious, besides even if the discretionary funds are finished and he had instructed his much nawazed Finance Minister the money would have been available even if that required some adjustments in accounting.”

“I am sure!”