Partly Facetious: Lady of the Vale has been summoned


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“So finally the Lady of the Vale has been summoned by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) at the tail end of its stipulated time, I mean the Lady was the beneficial owner so why wasn’t she the first one summoned?”

“Lady of the Vale?”

“In the hugely popular Game of Thrones, the Lady of the Vale – her name was Lysa – killed her first husband and was killed by the second husband…”

“And you really think that is an appropriate analogy for Maryam Nawaz?”

“No, I apologize profusely, I meant the Lady of the Lake, ruler of Avalon and the one who gave King Arthur his sword and…”

“Hmmm, that’s more like it, ruler of Aavlon, but that is a legendary island; there is nothing legendary about our Maryam Nawaz. She is flesh and blood and need I add she is heir to all she surveys from her bedroom window and that is the Prime Minister’s house as well as the Media cell that has begun to send out the message of support for her as it did before her dad’s interview with the JIT and…”

“Right, she has got the hashtag I am Nawaz Sharif going and now its with her name and this is while she is in the Mayfair flats….so put that in your pipe, ye who are jealous and smoke it.”

“My pipe needs replenishment; anyway she didn’t do this for her brothers or her uncle!”

“Hey, are you attempting to create a rift between the federal and provincial government! Isn’t that what Press Information Department (PID) accused you of when last you commented on PID’s silence when Shahbaz Sharif gave his interview to the JIT?”

“I thought PID said they give publicity to the Prime Minister and his cabinet and Maryam Nawaz is not a member of the cabinet, is not part of the federal government so you reckon the PID would not send a report on how brave she was and how…”

“Oh shush”

“Seriously, let’s wait and see what happens on 5 July but I bet you she commands the attendance of a bunch of cabinet members, I don’t recall did any federal minister come with our SS?”

“AID, but I heard during the car drive, Chaudhry Nisar kept talking to SS and Dar sat quietly in the back seat taping the…”

“Oh don’t be facetious.”